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    E-Lan Car Components Manufacture(Pinghu) Co.,Ltd
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    R&D Design
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    Innovation is the life of an enterprise.
    We have been in the pursuit of everlasting business development,
    with special emphasis upon R&D and innovation.
    High Tech Pioneer Excellent Quality

    Since its establishment, R&D center has been devoting in technology research. We develop new products with independent intellectual property rights and competition by fully taking advantage of enterprises and research institutes and adopting multi-subject and -level systematic engineering method. We have formed a mechanism of constantly spending more on R&D and consider R&D an important guarantee of our core competition.


    In products design, we take protection measures against accidental damage in transportation and installation into consideration.

    We assemble and install parts based on definition to make them small and light as possible as we can.

    In products design, we fully consider product reliability and obey safety rules. We improve driving safety  with Man-machine project appraisal.

    We ensure performance and lighting stability of light pipe according to the definition and LED configuration.

    We pay more attention to any possible problems in the process of production to ensure the stability of products quality.
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